We have achieved

what no-one else has.


Tratamiento riego en cultivos
  • Salt-saturated soils

  • Saline water

  • Clogging of equipment

  • Saving water

  • Saving fertilizers

Tratamiento aguas industriales
  • Resource optimisation

  • Clogging of equipment

  • Saving water

  • Saving costs

  • Greater eco-sustainability

Agua para uso residencial
  • Calcareous and hard water

  • Greater purification

  • Positive effects on the skin

  • Clogging of equipment and domestic appliances



After more than 10 years of research, AOS (Alpha Organic Systems) Europe, has developed a system called Tapani which, taking advantage of the power of coherent water and the most natural characteristics of water, can showcase its benefits in different fields of operation. Our technology has been implemented and has demonstrated its efficiency in agricultural productivity as well as in industry, solving crucial problems, for example the locking up of soil in crops. It also yields benefits and advantages in production processes: at harvest-time, with an increase in fruit size and nutritional value, and post-harvest, with an extension in the shelf life of the product. In an industrial setting, it optimises the use of resources, generating significant savings on costs and limiting the need for carrying out maintenance operations. This is why we say that we have achieved what no-one else has: surpassing unprecedented limits. We know about coherent water and how to activate its benefits.


Recovered water
in industrial


Increase in agricultural production


of salt accumulation


Reduction in the use of fertilizers
Average values


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If you are interested in finding out how the Tapani method works on crops and in industrial processes, or if you are interested in installing our system in your home, contact us by telephone or by sending an email via the enquiry form, specifying your needs. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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