Application in industrial plants

In the industrial sphere, coherent water treated with Tapani facilitates a per-litre increase in efficiency, as well as the recovery, treatment and re-use of waste water, which improves management of this resource in industrial operations. We estimate that 95% of this water can be re-used. It also reduces limescale blockages, meaning it lowers the need to use substances to treat this problem, such as nitric acid.


  • Production improvements.

  • Activation of the Circular Economy of Water.

  • Increase in eco-sustainability.

  • Saving on costs.

  • Greater dissolving power of water.

  • Saving energy..



  • Clogging of equipment

The use of Tapani significantly reduces clogging of equipment due to cathodic mineralisation, and therefore also a reduction in the quantity of acids used to avoid these obstructions. A reduction in the substances used means a reduction in maintenance operations and better working of water and irrigation systems. In other words, saving on costs.


  • Saving water

By allowing water re-usability of up to 95%, Tapani reduces the use of this resource and generates a significant saving on the costs of industrial operations. In cases of limited or particularly expensive water resources, whether for reducing water costs or simply for ecological reasons, Tapani is the solution.


  • Resource optimisation

Lower water usage, fewer maintenance operations, reduced use of products required for the descaling of the water network. All of this translates as resource optimisation and, above all, saving on costs.