Application in the residential sphere

The use of Tapani coherent water in the residential sphere, in both single homes and in resident communities, yields benefits that are comparable to those in industry. It is important to note the saving on costs through the reduction of maintenance activities as well as lower wear and tear on domestic appliances. Furthermore, its descaling effect leads to greater purification of particularly hard water, cutting down on the purchase of bottled water and making family habits more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.


  • Saving water.

  • Saving on costs.

  • Saving energy.

  • Reduction in maintenance.

  • Resource optimisation.

  • Increased lifespan of domestic appliances.

  • Eco-sustainability and environmentally-friendly.



  • Treatment of hard water.

  • Pipeline corrosion.

  • Protection of boiler equipment.

  • Increase in water quality.