Results in crops

The use of coherent water treated with the Tapani method achieves these results, evidenced by studies and research done by independent scientific institutes in conjunction with our clients’ technical departments.


  • Increases photosynthetic capacity and chlorophyll in plants.

  • Improves the plant’s nutrient transport by lowering the osmotic pressure in the water.

  • Increases and stimulates development of roots.

  • Boosts the plant’s hydration, facilitating its growth.


  • Produces greater mass by increasing dry matter.

  • Raises nutritional values and vitamin content.

  • Increases yield.

  • Lengthens the shelf life of the fruit post-harvest


  • Unlocks salts, sulphates and carbonates, making them assimilable.

  • Reduces saline content and conductivity of the soil.

  • Increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water as well as in the soil.

  • Maintains the soil’s moisture.

  • Increases microbial activity in the soil.

It is possible to obtain these results by manipulating the molecular structure and strengthening the coherent phase of water, since this element is the foundation of every agricultural production process. We must not forget that the majority of all fruit and vegetables are composed of over 90% water.