Scientific basis of the method

Unlike the rest of the methods and technologies based on the concept of structured water present in the market today, water treated with Tapani has the scientific the theory of coherent water at its very core.

Theoretical physicists Giuliano Preparata, Emilio Del Giudice and their colleagues at the University of Milan in Italy extended the conventional theory of quantum electrodynamics regarding the condensed phase of liquids, showing that an interaction between the vacuum electromagnetic field and liquid water induces the formation of large, stable and coherent domains (CDs) at an ordinary temperature and pressure. These CDs could be responsible for all special properties of water, including its very existence.

Dominios coherentes del agua líquida, base de la actividad biológica.

These scientists also argue that Coherent Domains in water can be easily stimulated and they can store small stimuli in order to produce unique coherent vortices, whose energy is the sum of all the smaller stimulation energies, which converts upper entropy energy into coherent, low entropy energy, thus stably trapped in the coherent domains of water. This coherent energy allows the selective transfer of coherent energy to take place thusly. All molecules have their own vibration frequency spectrum. If the molecule’s spectrum contains a frequency which matches that of the coherent domain of water, it would be drawn to the coherent domain and would become an additional participant in the oscillation of the coherent domain, whose surface it would ultimately attach itself to. Furthermore, the energy created by the stimulation of the coherent domain would be available for guest molecules as activation energy so that chemical reactions could take place.

To learn more about the theory of coherent water, we recommend reading the article Quantum Coherent Water and Life.