The Tapani method

The Tapani method is a technology that is applied directly to water and allows its treatment, thereby generating a series of benefits that are useful in different areas of production, both industrial and domestic. This technology is fundamentally based on and developed around the different phases of water. Water has two phases: one is coherent, liquid crystal, where the molecules have the same magnetic orientation and act in a coordinated manner and whose responsibility it is to uphold the vitality and biological functions of water. And then there is a second, liquid amorphous phase, which is more uncontrolled. The TAPANI treatment strengthens and stimulates the coherent water phase and, as a result of its activity, generates multiple benefits.

To refine and implement our methodology, we collaborated with the University of Almería, School of Engineering and Department of Agronomy. Doctor Pablo Campra, Associate Professor and specialist in Food Technology, collaborates with us on the Tapani project, giving scientific rigour to our research and advances.


  • Totally natural process.

  • Monoatomic transformation of water mineralisation.

  • Activation of the Circular Economy of Water.

  • Maximum sustainability.

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